Letter: We face key time on diseases

November 25, 2013 

What has the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria done in the 10 years of its existence?

Currently 5.3 million people are receiving anti-retroviral therapy to treat HIV/AIDS with Global Fund support.

The GF has helped detect and treat 11 million cases of tuberculosis.

The Global Fund has financed the distribution of 340 million insecticide treated bed nets to protect families from malaria.

These efforts are estimated to save more than 100,000 lives each month.

Rarely in the path toward improved global health has a fork in the road been so clearly marked.

Three factors put us at a tipping point to eradicate these painful diseases: 1) massive scale up of services to treat AIDS, TB and malaria, 2) breakthroughs in the sciences of fighting these scourges, and 3) better data.

The U.S. must lead the race to end these diseases and to leverage the dollars of other donor nations. In early December leaders are meeting in D.C. for the fourth replenishment of the Global Fund. This is our moment to make history.

— Mary Martin



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