Letters: Whether a sign is posted or not, entering property is trespassing

AnchorageDecember 1, 2013 

As regards “legal” fish and game snares on private property, when I was a kid growing up in Southeast Washington, hunters could legally hunt on any land not posted with “No Tresspassing” or “No Hunting” signs. Somewhere in the 1960’s-’70’s the law changed and it has been illegal to hunt on private property without the owner’s written permission and posting became a thing of the past to keep out trespassers. That remains the current law and it appears such a law is appropriate here in Alaska and should apply to Fish and Game folks as well as the rest of us. I suspect there would be quite a serious disturbance if anyone came onto my property without my approval and set up snares. I think its called private domain isn’t it? It certainly is trespassing. Totally unacceptable by any state agency.

— Dean Knox


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