Review: Tracy Morgan in Anchorage

Posted by Vikram Patel on December 4, 2013 

Tracy Morgan performed in Anchorage Tuesday, Dec. 3.


After two opening acts and an intermission, Tracy Morgan entertained a partially-filled Egan Center for just under an hour on Wednesday night.  Morgan started, as many visting comics do, with his reactions to Alaska. “It’s cold here. I like Alaska, but if I lived here, kill me!” He continued with a short bit that involved showing various parts of his previously-covered body to the audience.

Morgan moved on to a bad early career choice: dealing drugs. “I was a crack dealer, but I had to stop because I felt bad for the crackheads. I was a crack dealer with a heart of gold.”

After a brief interlude during which Morgan chided an audience member for interrupting his act, noting “I am not Dave Chapelle” and getting a good laugh, Morgan told a story about his crack-addicted aunt. “One time, she bought me a Game Boy. And then she stole it from me. And then she made me look for it! I asked her later why she made me look for it, and she said ‘to eliminate myself as a suspect.’”

Morgan spent a few minutes exploring a racial epithet about black people. “Paula Deen got in a lot of trouble for saying [the N word]. White lady, from the south, I wouldn’t trust her if she didn’t say it.”

Morgan confessed that he is a “doomsday prepper,” and claimed to have “bought eight thousand rolls of toilet paper yesterday.” He also talked about believing that some version of Judgment Day is approaching. “The Pope quit! You can’t quit on God! You aren’t working at McDonalds! You are the Pope!”

The show took a blue turn at that point, veering into pornography and a detailed discussion of acts that Play will not get into, except to note that Morgan’s 30-second female orgasm imitation rivaled Meg Ryan’s efforts in “When Harry Met Sally.”

Morgan closed with a diatribe on the ways in which technology is affecting human attitudes and relationships. He believes that social media has made people too sensitive, and that texting has hurt interpersonal relationships. He also expressed dismay at the empty seats in the room. “Tell your friends they missed out.”

But, despite arguing with many audience members and often showing disappointment instead of appreciation for the crowd, Morgan wasn’t entirely a sad clown.  Some of the audience’s favorite jokes included the following:

“Tracy Morgan is a good show business name. Tracy Morgan. People think they are getting an Irish woman.”

“I don’t trust Obama. Why? Because he hasn’t had a sex scandal yet.”

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