South nips Eagle River in riflery

AnchorageDecember 4, 2013 

South barely defeated Eagle River on Wednesday in a Cook Inlet Conference virtual riflery meet, in which each team shot at their own schools and submitted scores electronically. 

South, led by Kyle Milne’s 283, won by just 14 points. Eagle River’s Cathryn Papasdora led all shooters with a 292. 


Eagle River 3,255, South 3,269

Eagle River: Cathryn Papasdora-292, Jessica Mooty-285, Tristan Henderson-285, Ben Hancox-284, Sydney Deering-280, Jacob Nall-280, Clarissa Deleon-277, Hunter Allemeier Dylan Denter-265, Conall Gelston-258, Dayton Denter-244, Mikaela O’Hare-237

South: Kyle Milne-283, Morgan Howard-282, Tyler Winn-279, Andrew Scroggs-277, Adam Cusack-277, Ian Stewart-277, Kenton Mayfield-274, Gjori Nisja-272, Bryce Schwarz-272, Jean Larson-Rein-261, Noah Malecha-260, Zachary Johnson-255


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