Letter: Trappers ought to have written permission from landowners

December 4, 2013 

Regarding the issue of hunting and trapping, on private property:

My experience during the past 30 years is that we private property owners have no rights against hunters and trappers, unless we post our lands. It is an issue another lady and I from Homer attempted to rectify many years ago, through legislation. To no avail. Most private property in this state is in the more developed areas. It is to me a travesty of my rights that the State of Alaska has not put into law that hunters and trappers must have written permission from private land owners, whether posted or not.

I bought my land, I pay the taxes on it every year. But if I don’t have it posted every 50 or 100 feet, I cannot keep trespassers off. That to me is a negation of my rights. If enough of us speak out, perhaps we can do something about it.


— Milli Martin



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