Former Aces sniper Wes Goldie is an ECHL Hall of Famer

Posted by DOYLE WOODY, on December 5, 2013 

OK, you could see this one coming a million miles away, but the Alaska Aces and ECHL announced today that former Aces sniper Wes Goldie, the league's all-time leading goal scorer, will be inducted into the ECHL Hall of Fame here in February.

All Goldie did in his 11-season ECHL career was racked a record 370 goals. He shares league records for most seasons of 30 or more goals (eight) and most consecutive seasons with 30 or more (six).

Goldie in 2011 helped the Aces seize their second Kelly Cup. He led the league in goals that season and his 46-37--83 totals in 72 games earned him Most Valuable Player honors.

Goldie was a pure sniper who played for Pee Dee, Victoria and, for his last two seasons, the Aces. He wasn't an out-of-this-world skater, he didn't have the hardest shot, he wasn't a dangler. What he had was a quick release and extraordinary perception, gained in a split second, of where a goaltender was vulnerable.

He go-to shot: high glove. Goalies who played against him for any time knew that. Still, tough to stop, especially when Goldie would put his shot just over their glove-side elbow, which goalies hate.

One thing The Blog loved about Goldie was how, after nearly any goal he scored, he simply raised his stick, if that -- his demeanor looked like a guy saying, 'Yeah, I scored. Kinda what I do. Not a big deal.'' Oh, he'd whoop it up if it was a big goal -- and, hey, The Blog likes guys who celebrate -- but his style, and his personality, was so easy-going.

Goldie will be inducted at a Feb. 7 luncheon in Anchorage as part of the league's Hockey Heritage Weekend. 

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