Service skiers win Service Snowball sprint race

Anchorage Daily NewsDecember 7, 2013 

Service skiers set the pace in the Service Snowball ski race Saturday at the Hillside ski trails.

Jake Bassett and Taryn Hunt-Smith captured victories in a sprint race that kicked off the high school racing season.

Bassett and teammate Matthew Muffoletto went 1-2 in the boys final. The result was the continuation of a strong day for Bassett, who won his quarterfinal and semifinal heats, and a nice surprise for Muffoletto, who placed second in his quarterfinal and third in his semifinal.

Thomas O’Harra of East, the winner of Muffoletto’s semifinal, settled for third in the final.

In the girls final, the semifinal winners placed first and second, with Hunt-Smith topping Chugiak’s Sarissa Lammers. Janey Hoefler of South was third.

Service Snowball sprint race


Final — 1) Jake Bassett, Service; 2) Matthew Muffoletto, Service; 3) Thomas O’Harra, East; 4) Seiji Takagi, South; 5) John Farr, East; 6) Tanner Ramey, South.

Semifinal No. 1 — 1) Jake Bassett, Service; 2) John Farr, East; 3) Seiji Takagi, South; 4) Evan Hagen, South; 5) Will Balcao, South; 6) Jack Consenstein, West. Semifinal No. 2 — 1) Thomas O’Harra, East; 2) Tanner Ramey, South; 3) Matthew Muffoletto, Service; 4) Conner Truskowski, Service; 5) Jacob Volz, West; 6) Max Robicheaux, East.


Final — 1) Taryn Hunt-Smith, Service; 2) Sarissa Lammers, Chugiak; 3) Janey Hoefler, South; 4) Ana Jager, East; 5) Magdalen York, West; 6) Anna Darnell, South.

Semifinal No. 1 — 1) Taryn Hunt-Smith, Service; 2) Ana Jager, East; 3) Janey Hoefler, South; 4) Mykaela McMullen, Service; 5) Morgan Flynn, East; 6)  Irene Bembenek, South. Semifinal No. 2 — 1) Sarissa Lammers, Chugiak; 2) Magdalen York, West; 3) Anna Darnell, South; 4) Annika Flynn, South; 5) Barae Hirsch, West; 6) Emma Tarbath, Service.


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