Letters: Marijuana: It’s not all bad

AnchorageDecember 8, 2013 

In Alaska SAD is common, just because of the darkness. To have fun, people tend to smoke marijuana because of its positive effects. The government doesn’t realize how harmless it is, plus it’s better than drinking, when drinking leads to violence and weed calms people. 

We are filling our prisons with harmless people. We should be busting murderers and actual criminals; instead we go for the easiest people possible. The other thing is how it is OK for people to use marijuana for “medical use?” Why are we allowing people who have cancer to use it, when it’s called “harmful?”

We should pass a law allowing Alaskans to have weed for recreational use. It’d give people a little slack, instead of having this guilt for using it. If that’s the real issue, then more than half of the United States’ people are criminals. And after all, the government itself would be profiting with the marijuana taxes. 

— Cassy Vanity


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