Letter: Pat on the back for FWS’ use of science in Kenai bear decisions

December 12, 2013 

Congratulations to the USFWS for emergency brown bear closure in the Kenai refuge.

For several years, I have attended and participated in the annual public hearings allowed by the Board of Game. Throughout that time, I have observed the board consistently advance ever more extreme regulations in the management of Alaskan wildlife. And each new measure (like baiting or snaring brown bears, killing sows with cubs, shooting bears from helicopters) is often prefaced with individual remarks from board members like “let’s see what happens, let’s see what the public will do … what if a cub were snared and the sow came to its defense and somehow the media got  hold of this?”

So congratulations to the USFWS for directing sound science and using that data to hold the line against the Board of Game — protecting our brown bears, particularly females, within the Kenai Refuge. And when it comes to wildlife management, we need more balanced representation for the use of Alaska’s wildlife and much less state overreach driven by the Alaska Board of Game!

— Valanne Glooschenko


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