Aces' Mele fined, but it's a super big secret how much

Posted by DOYLE WOODY, on December 21, 2013 

Alaska Aces winger Tommy Mele was fined the usual "undisclosed amount'' today for a major kneeing penalty he received in Friday's 5-1 win over Utah.

Huh? $5? $5,000? 5 cents?

You'll never know, because the ECHL never tells. Which makes the whole thing a crock to everyone, well, save Tommy Mele.

This is one of many ways hockey is stuck in the dark ages. Upper-body and lower-body is the description still used for injuries -- the old canard being that opponents will target injuries when a player returns to the lineup. Bull. Game's too fast, guys can't think that fast in the normal course of play. 

Hell, even the NFL definitely, by NHL standards, characterizes injuries with some precision. That game is fast too, and it has frequent stoppages, which presumably would allow an opponent to think, "Hey, Jimmy's in the game, let's go after his left knee.'' 

The ECHL, like all hockey leagues, wants you to come see their product and to shell out good money to do it. But it is rarely transparent, or even remotely so.

And "undisclosed amount'' is a cop-out, and seems like it's from 1968.

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