Letter: Rooting for Ukraine protesters

December 21, 2013 

Every time I see a protest in another country our American flag is being burned. I cannot remember a time when I have seen a protest when it has not been.

I was pleasantly surprised this past weekend when I got notice of a volunteer Internet live feed from the protests in Ukraine. I went there and was pleasantly surprised to see our American flag flying next to theirs by the protesters. “www.Spilno.tv.”

One more time they have taken to the streets in Kiev, by the hundreds of thousands, protesting for the right for change and better lives. They stand there in temperatures below freezing; they have been doing this since mid November.

The government has twice sent riot police in to try and stop the peaceful protesters; the last time the riot police left and they have not been back. These protesters have given up their jobs and their lives for a chance at freedom! I for one wish them success!

— Glenn Johns


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