Letter: Those who hold the purse decide how to spend the money

December 25, 2013 

Just read the article about the Interior secretary, Sally Jewell, rejecting the land swap in exchange for a proposed single lane road to provide medical transportation access for the King Cove residents. At first I thought well, here’s another federal tree-hugger of the Obama administration telling Alaskans what we can and cannot do.

I followed the article by going to Google Earth to get a better look a the wildlife refuge. What I saw kind of threw me for a loop. It’s a long way around Cold Bay between those communities, and understand, I’m not an engineer, but it doesn’t take an engineer to see that building even a single lane gravel road from King Cove to Cold Bay would be a massive undertaking costing millions of dollars, and require huge amounts of gravel material to complete.

So I have to ask the proponents of the road: Who’s paying the bill, and who’s paying to maintain it? If the answer is the feds, then I guess they have a right to say no.

— Vincent Volpe





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