Letter: Driver boycotts dangerous curve on MLK westbound

January 2, 2014 

Who decided that a 35-mph speed limit sign was sufficient to prevent accidents on Dr. MLK Jr. Avenue westbound just before it intersects with Elmore Road?

The last left curve, you know the one, just before the left-hand turn lane into the ballpark before you get to Elmore? That specific left curve has a right-hand bank to it, which makes you fight your steering just to stay in the left-hand lane. That has been my experience whenever I travel westbound on MLK. I haven’t had an accident, but I did wonder why anyone would build a road with a left curve that had a right-hand bank. Reducing speed to 35 mph is insufficient. That section of the road needs to be fixed — left curves have to have LEFT BANKS — not right banks. Until the road is fixed, I’m avoiding the westbound Dr. MLK Jr. Avenue, especially in inclement weather.

— Kathleen Eustace



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