Letter: Watch Begich first, then judge

January 3, 2014 

Sen. Begich will soon complete six years of service in the U.S. Senate.

Watching Senate committees, hearings, and votes on C-SPAN (TV station with no ads) I’ve always been proud Sen. Begich represents me. He’s present every time, waits his turn to talk (many shout over other speakers), is respectful and eloquent when he speaks.

Recently I’ve heard some TV ads from groups Outside of Alaska, trying to look like local Alaskans are paying for the ad — telling us why not to vote for Sen. Begich to have another term. Millions will be spent by “Outsiders” telling Alaskans who to vote for. Do not be deceived.

I suggest you tune in to C-SPAN and watch for yourself. Sen. Begich has been a moderate, a good listener, always present and working very hard for the best for Alaskans. Compare his demeanor with that of many other U.S. senators, and I think you’ll agree — there is no doubt Sen. Begich should be elected to another term.

— Linda Sharp


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