Letter: Climate deniers reject science

January 5, 2014 

In a Dec. 29 Compass piece, George Wuerch had six points for Congress to deal with in order to “move forward on critical energy issues.” Not surprisingly, he advocated for more fossil fuel energy production and less regulation while expressly ignoring critical energy use issues such as the “greenhouse effect” and its evil twin “ocean acidification.” 

Mr. Wuerch seems to ascribe to the “Thelma and Louise” school of thought when making difficult choices — just floor it as the precipice nears.

It would be disingenuous not to realize and be thankful for the benefits we Alaskans have enjoyed from fossil fuel extraction and use, but why be so blind and dismissive of the longer-term and global effects of our actions? Even those “denier-types” who find comfort in rejecting the widely accepted body of scientific knowledge on climate change would be prudent to take heed — just in case the science turns out to be true.

— Charles Treinen


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