Letter: Byron Mallott would be a welcome change for Alaska

AnchorageJanuary 20, 2014 

On behalf of the Mat-Su Democrats, I would like to thank gubernatorial candidate Byron Mallott, who spoke to our group recently. Byron was born and raised in Yakutat and has an incredible resume, serving under Governors Egan, Hickel and Hammond. He was mayor of Yakutat and Juneau, president of AFN, CEO of Sealaska and executive director of Alaska Permanent Fund Corp., to name a few. 

Education, responsible resource development and justifiable capital projects would be priorities in a Mallott administration. He wants to soften the political divide in Alaska and bring government to the people, not at them.


With all his successful experience in state and local government and business, Byron has kept a surprisingly low profile, but he was encouraged by leaders of both parties to run for governor. Our future economy and way of life are at risk as oil tax revenues dwindle and public school funding is threatened yet again. I encourage every Alaskan to get informed about our candidates. Byron will be a refreshing change for Alaska.

— Gwen Heynen

 Chair, Mat-Su Democrats




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