What retiring Goldie's No. 16 means for Shawn Skelly

Posted by DOYLE WOODY, adn.com on January 21, 2014 

As you no doubt have noticed by now if you are a regular reader, The Blog does not claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer as he gets into, um, middle age.

So it was that he was sitting here at work writing something about former Alaska Aces sniper Wes Goldie having his No. 16 retired by the club next month, when it suddenly occurred to him, 'Hey, what about Shawn Skelly?' ''

Skelly, you might know, currently wears No. 16 for the club.

The Blog did not know. But one phone call to the indispensable Mike Burkhead, Aces equipment manager, solved that.

Burkhead said Skelly on Wednesday will become No. 10. The team was waiting until today's announcement that Goldie's No. 16 is being retired before making the switch to No. 10 for Skelly.

Question answered.

In case you are wondering, as we noted earlier the franchise's other retired numbers are 8 (Keith Street) and 18 (Dean Larson).

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