Aces' upcoming five straight vs. Stockton is actually not that unusual

Posted by DOYLE WOODY, on January 29, 2014 

Posted this earlier (The Blog thought) but it apparently got eaten by the Internet gremlins.

In any event, the Alaska Aces today released their revamped schedule in the wake of the San Francisco Bulls folding earlier this week, and a three-game home series against Stockton next week on the ECHL's Hockey Heritage Week has been expanded to five straight home games against the Thunder.

Seems like that is remarkably unusual, playing the same team five straight games.

But The Blog lugs around a lot of stats and such in his backpack, which allowed him to look back in the Aces' ECHL history and discover they've played five or more consecutive regular-season games against the same opponent on several occasions.

Check it out:

In 2012, they played five straight against Colorado.

In 2010, they played five straight against Ontario.

In 2009, they played five straight against Bakersfield.

In 2009, they played six straight against Phoenix (they were scheduled to play five straight, here and in Phoenix, but that was expanded to six when Fresno folded during that season).

In 2005, they played six straight against Victoria.

And in 2003, they played five straight against Idaho.

There, lugging around all that paper in the backpack finally resulted in something. Well, something other than a chronically bad back.

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