Letter: Parnell and pals prime public to accept education illusion

January 31, 2014 

The governor and his colleagues want to use public money for religious schools. Their strategy is clear. First, they proclaim public schools and staff inefficient, over-staffed, over-paid. Second, they create a narrative that public schools are so deficient they can only be improved by starving them. Since 2011, they have frozen per-student spending, obviously unconcerned about inflation impacts on our kids’ education. Now in the fourth year of this starvation budgeting, if inflation further degrades school vitality and the public grows weary of the fight, their final solution is attainable.

By creating the illusion that public education is damaged, the governor and his colleagues believe we will be ready to accept their fallacy — the only fix to education is to siphon money to their select religious schools using a voucher system. If you value public education, tell the governor and your legislators very soon. Do it now, for the opponents of public education are on the move in Juneau.

— Mark Wiggin


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