Letter: Governor needs refresher in basic mathematics

January 31, 2014 

Our governor proves yet again out of touch with the desires of Alaskans. His proposed inadequate funding of the basic student allocation (BSA) for public education proposal has no basis in mathematical sense. He seems to view education in mostly simple subtraction.

After subtracting his typical ongoing budgetary education flat funding, the governor’s dubious addition skills come up with merely $201 additional total funding per student over the next three years. This year alone, the Anchorage School District needs a bedrock minimum $251 increase to the BSA to cover its shortfalls. The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District needs $300 and the Juneau School District needs $425 per student.

More equations in subtraction computations he understands are educator layoffs. Over the last three years, school districts have been forced to cut over 600 teachers, guidance counselors and other necessary staff. 

Contact the governor and legislators of mathematical like-mindedness. Remind them to add to the value of education. Underfunding and subtracting teachers and staff from the complex story problem that formulates Alaska education is an incorrect answer. 

— Sam Rhodes


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