Letter: Slicing of education budget has West High graduate worried

February 1, 2014 

I am a 2013 graduate from West Anchorage High School. Recently, I learned about the impending budget cuts to the Anchorage School District. These cuts have left me greatly concerned for the wellbeing of the students and teachers in the district as well as the Anchorage community as a whole. I am hopeful that there is a solution that does not lead to more instructors losing their jobs. These students need their teachers, and these teachers need their students. We should increase the amount of state money being used toward public — not private — education.

Adding a seventh period class is also a huge concern because the days are already so short. Teachers are constantly rushing to get through the curriculum without falling behind and frantically grading papers for the five to six classes they already teach; adding another class would force upon the teachers and students an unfair amount of extra daily work, while taking time away from lessons. It is time our legislators get it right and fund education properly.

— Suzanne Snyder


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