Letter: Public money for private schools will open a big can of worms

February 1, 2014 

I worked for the Anchorage School District 32 years (teacher, principal, director of elementary schools, charter school liaison) and am amazed at the number of people who write in wanting more choices. Like none now exist! I have often described the ASD as cafeteria-style; there’s something for everyone.  And if you want more, go see your school board because they work for you. It’s your school system.

During my tenure we serviced children from 98 different language backgrounds and offered programs for every learning style and then some. And if you liked another school across town better, you had the right to take your child there if space was available.

But now Gov. Parnell and others want to mess with the constitution to allow public money to be siphoned off into private and/or religious schools. Stop, already! Can you imagine the day when the Anchorage Islamic Academy opens on the public dime and you will have guaranteed it? I don’t intend that as a slam against anyone’s faith but let’s follow the U.S. Constitution and keep public schools neutral.

— Arge Jeffery



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