Letter: Parnell voucher plan destructive

February 2, 2014 

Gov. Parnell’s recent proposal to expand charters and allow the use of vouchers for private religious schools is a threat to democracy. We must keep public schools truly public.

I teach third grade in a Title One school in Anchorage. One of our biggest challenges is childhood poverty. When the private charter school and voucher schemes come along they pick the best and brightest kids from neighborhood schools. This has created tremendous educational inequality in many other states using vouchers. Some call it educational apartheid.

Students with behavioral issues and other disabilities are disenrolled by charter schools and religious schools. Many politicians seem to only care about special interest groups. I have read about private charter school and voucher scandals frequently in the news. Many of these schools have taken public money and then closed in the middle of the school year. This is public tax money going to benefit the few religious and private schools with their own agendas.

— Ted Angstadt




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