Letter: Do schools really need money?

February 2, 2014 

It seems that year in and year out the ASD needs more money (inflation). This is followed by a list of teachers to be laid off if the needed money isn’t acquired. This is followed by the money arriving at the last minute and the about-to-be-laid-off teachers being retained. Hmmm, makes one wonder. Could this be a ASD tactic to get all the parents screaming to put pressure on legislators?

Why is this necessary? I assume that we have folks, including legislators, out there who question whether the ASD program is being run properly and in the best interest of our children. What if we had a law that prescribed the maximum student/teacher ratio allowed, and a second law that required that the cost for core and elective teachers is the first thing ASD pays for. We would never again hear about teachers needing to be laid off.

Then ASD would only have to argue with the legislators about the money needed for utilities, building maintenance, administration and special programs.

— Jim Lieb 





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