One prediction has UAA finishing 5th in WCHA, UAF the dreaded 9th

Posted by DOYLE WOODY, on February 3, 2014 

For what it's worth -- and, hey, predictions are at least something to talk about -- the fellas at have calculated how they believe the race for WCHA playoff positioning will unfold and you can check it out here.

According to their projections, UAA, currently fourth in the 10-team league, will finish tied for fifth with Michigan Tech, one spot out of the most coveted positions -- the first- through fourth-place finishers earn home ice for first round of the playoffs.

The calculations finger UAF to finish the dreaded ninth -- we say dreaded because, in a refreshing change in the revamped WCHA, the ninth- and 10th-place finishers do not qualify for the playoffs. In the old WCHA, everyone got in, which The Blog always felt was ridiculous. C'mon, UAA once went 0-22-6 in the league and made the playoffs.

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