The suspension fallout from Aces-Stockton pregame fights

Posted by DOYLE WOODY, on February 11, 2014 

The ECHL today handed out suspensions and fines stemming from a couple of fights during warm-ups prior to last Saturday's 5-2 Alaska Aces win over the visiting Stockton Thunder.

Aces defenseman Dustin Molle and Stockton captain Garet Hunt were both suspended for two games -- they served those Saturday and Sunday -- and thus should be in the lineups tonight when the Aces entertain Stockton.

Also suspended for two games was Aces defenseman Sean Curry. He sat out Sunday and will have to sit out tonight to complete his suspension.

Stockton's Mathieu Coderre-Gagnon was suspended three games. He sat out Sunday and will have to sit out tonight and Thursday's finale of the five-game series.

Also, all four players, and both organizations were fined undisclosed amounts.

We'll say it, as we have many times, "undisclosed fines'' lack transparency to the paying public, which is left with no idea whether the fines were a nickel or a gazillion dollars -- presumably, they landed somewhere in that range.

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