Letter: Public schools may trump private ones

Anchorage Daily NewsFebruary 18, 2014 

I recently read a letter justifying school vouchers by saying “education is education.” Unfortunately, private schools are not required to administer standardized tests, so it’s difficult to compare their educational outcomes with that of our public schools.

In states where they have done test comparisons, the results have shown no advantage in sending students to private schools.

Private teachers do not need to be certified or college-educated and their schools generally lack the trained special education staff to handle students with physical, emotional or social problems. We already have a variety of quality, all-inclusive public schools which meet these rigorous educational standards and offer plenty of choices for parents and students.

In addition to basic knowledge, our public schools teach creative problem-solving, team-building and critical thinking skills in a real-world environment that includes a diverse student population.

The folks who wrote the Alaska Constitution knew what they were doing, and calling vouchers “school choice” is a smokescreen for privatization, profiteering and union-busting right out of ALEC’s play book.

— Dan Heynen


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