Letter: Murkowski’s proactive approach an admirable, effective tactic

Anchorage Daily NewsFebruary 19, 2014 

Thanks to Paul Jenkins for his Feb. 16 commentary on Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Mr. Jenkins states the Sen. Murkowski is “cranky” about the King Cove road. If she were a he, his observation would have been “assertive.”

Sen. Murkowski has been tactful and supportive with all of our local and national needs in her position in Washington, D.C. Her office (decorated with Alaskan decor) is open to all of her constituents and serves a continental breakfast on certain days. She is there to meet and greet you and hear your concerns. She will introduce you to a staff member who can address the issues that concern you.

She brings Alaska to D.C. and now she is bringing D.C. to Alaska.

Jenkins ends by stating that “Murkowski is angry.” Then he infers that she is channeling Ted Stevens. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is covering new ways to help Alaska, not just the same old politics (of Stevens). She is aggressive in her polite way, not angry. 

— Jeanne R. Bonar, M.D.


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