Anchorage DUIs for the week of Feb. 14-20.

Anchorage Daily News / adn.comFebruary 22, 2014 

A weekly look at DUI arrests in Anchorage, Feb. 14-20. All information, including descriptions of some incidents, provided by the Anchorage Police Department.

Friday, Feb. 14

• 1:31 a.m.: Female, age 34, East 4th Avenue and Ingra Street. Blood alcohol content 0.098.

• 4:48 a.m.: Male, age 25, Dimond Boulevard/Old Seward Highway, 0.175.

"An officer was attempting to make a traffic stop on a white Ford Focus when it started to elude the officer. A second officer came for back up and they were able to maneuver their police vehicles to get the Ford to stop. The passenger in the vehicle told police the driver had consumed a pint of R and R. There were also two children in the back of the car."

Saturday, Feb. 15

• 1:28 a.m.: Male, age 34, International Airport Road/Old Seward Highway, 0.216

• 2:30 a.m.: Male, age 30, 8th Avenue/L Street, 0.184.

"Officers pulled over a black Chevy Blazer on 8th and L St dragging a front bumper to another vehicle. After making contact with the driver... [he] told officers he had taken an Aderol at the Bush Company, went to Chilkoot Charlie's and had a pitcher of beer, then went to the Avenue and had two more beers."

• 3:19 a.m.: Female, age 32, Old Seward Highway/Tudor Road, 0.156.

• 9:01 a.m.: Female, age 22, Seward Highway/Rabbit Creek Road, 0.178.

Sunday, Feb. 16

• 12:03 a.m.: Male, age 50, 8800 block Jewel Lake Road, 0.158.

• 12:03 a.m.: Male, age 34, 2200 block of Brookshire Loop 0.1.

• 12:54 a.m.: Female, age 31, 100 block of Oklahoma Street. 0.136.

• 8:03 p.m: Male, age 35, 1400 Gambell Street, Refusal.

"Officers responded to reports of a suspected intoxicated driver heading eastbound in the westbound lanes of 15th Avenue. The reported vehicle was found high centered on a median. Officers conducted field sobriety tests on the driver and he failed. Witnesses reported to police that [he] had been drinking at a nearby bar and when he tried leaving the bar employees attempted to stop him by trying to block his car in but were unsuccessful."

• 11:31 p.m.: Female, age 28, Camlot Drive/Lionheart Drive, 0.262.

Monday, Feb. 17

• 5:54 a.m., Male, age 36, 15th Avenue/Gambell Street 0.147.

• 5:03 p.m.: Male, age 26, Skyline Drive/Roseberry Park Drive, 0.128.

Wednesday, Feb. 19

• 12:22 a.m.: Female, age 32, West 7th Avenue/H Street, 0.237.

"Officers were dispatched when a locate was aired for a possible drunk driver who hit a yellow fire hydrant in the area of 7th Avenue and H Street. An officer was able to spot the suspected vehicle and stop it at the intersection of Tudor and Minnesota. The driver stated she had been drinking at downtown bars but was not aware she had been in an accident, even though her vehicle had significant front end damage to it. A yellow fire hydrant was found lying on the ground on the northwest corner of 7th and H.."

• 8:31 p.m.: Female, age 34, 1201 N Muldoon Road, refusal.

Thursday, Feb. 20

• 9:55 p.m.: Male, age 19, C Street/West 40th Avenue, 0.174.

• 12:44 a.m.: Male, age 31, East 16th Avenue/Muldoon Road, 0.16.

• 2:27 a.m.: Male, age 32, 301 West 64th Avenue, 0.125.

• 2:27 a.m.: Male, age 30, Arctic Boulevard/West International Airport Road, 0.22.

• 10:13 a.m.: Female, age 39, 3240 Penland Parkway, refusal.

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