Letter:Thanks to medical professionals but no thanks to Gov. Parnell

February 26, 2014 

My beloved brother Sandy Staats passed away Jan. 25 of congestive heart failure, but before he did, he received compassionate, expert care, and was treated with dignity and respect, by the folks at Mat-Su Regional Hospital.

I’d like to thank Drs. Melendez, Brady and Thomas for some miraculous doctoring. I’d also like to thank nurses Megan and the two Elizabeths, as well as the diabetes co-ordinator. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Brittany, the cleaning tech, Debbie with SSI and Gail in financial.

It was Gail who explained to me, that because Gov. Parnell did not extend Medicaid for our state, the cheapest Sandy could have gotten Obamacare was $485 per month.

I guess Parnell thinks anyone who needs affordable health care must be a bum. Sandy was so proud, he wouldn’t accept food stamps, didn’t even collect unemployment, even though he qualified.

Sandy hadn’t seen the inside of a doctor’s office in 20 years — we didn’t even know he had diabetes.

Gotta explain yourself, Sean. Oh, no, not to me. Look up.

— Lillian K. Staats


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