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    Adoption of the week: Meet Copper

    Please meet Copper, a 5 year old, neutered male, Plott Hound mix. This big handsome guy is friendly, focused and eager to please. Intelligent, a fast and eager learner, he walks well on leash, knows commands, and enjoys interacting with people.


    Adoption of the Week: Meet Shadow

    Please meet Shadow, a 9 year old, neutered male, lab mix. Happy, bright and super friendly, this big guy really wants to please. He knows commands (including shake), handles well on leash, and loves interacting with people.

  • PETS

    2-legged Washington dog charms millions with video

    A dog in Washington state has no rear legs, but he can balance enough to run on only his front legs, as millions of people have seen in a YouTube video.


    AACCC Adoption of the Week: Meet Abby

    Please meet Abby, a 7 year old, spayed female, lab mix. Attentive, very friendly and upbeat, Abby is mild-mannered, active but easy-going, handles great on leash, and knows lots of commands (including roll over). Loves her walks and outings, and is an enthusiastic fetch player who knows all the...

  • MAT-SU

    Mat-Su shelter contemplates fee increase, new cat rescue policy

    The Mat-Su Borough's animal shelter may raise adoption fees for the first time in 10 years while also starting a new policy that gives the shelter director the right to waive fees for cat rescue groups taking sick cats.


    AACCC Adoption of the Week: Meet Max

    Here's  Anchorage Animal Care and Control's  Adoption of the Week, courtesy of Brooke Taylor, AACCC public relations coordinator.


    AACCC Adoption of the Week: Meet Pedro

    Meet Pedro, an adult, neutered male, pit bull mix. Strong, active and playful, this big guy loves his walks and outings. He likes being with people and is quite affectionate, enjoys cuddling and head rubs, and will sit (and "shake") for a treat, taking it gently. Alert and intelligent, he would ...


    Campaign to save dog in Arizona mauling

    A dog that mauled a 4-year-old Phoenix boy has received thousands of pleas for mercy through a Facebook campaign ahead of a court hearing to decide his fate.


    AACCC Adoption of the Week: Meet Bolt

    Please meet Bolt, a 2 year old, neutered male, lab mix. Docile, friendly and easy-going, the happy fellow has a gentle, sweet personality, and wants to please. He's alert and attentive, handles well on leash, sits nicely for treats and takes them gently. Active, curious and playful, has lived ...

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