• While Southcentral Alaska is greening up and spring is coming to Talkeetna, the peaks and glaciers of the Alaska Range are still covered with snow. A recent ride-along with Army helicopters delivering base camp equipment to Kahiltna Glacier revels the grandeur of the Alaska Range in its late-winter glory. 

    Bob Hallinen
A wildfire in British Columbia near the city of Fort St. John has closed the Alaska Highway in both directions.
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A state agency accused oil and gas producer Hilcorp Alaska of systemically disregarding Alaska regulations and fined the company $20,000 after it used a blowout preventer to control a well at a North Slope field last year.
Alex DeMarban
Alaska’s all-Republican congressional delegation seems to have coalesced around an anti-Hillary Clinton sort of support for Donald Trump as he became the last man standing in the Republican race for the presidential nomination.  
Erica Martinson
A helicopter crashed on Norris Glacier in Southeast Alaska, injuring the pilot, according to the Coast Guard. A rescue helicopter flew the pilot to a Juneau hospital.
Jerzy Shedlock
Prosecutors announced Thursday that 29-year-old Eagle River resident Jarre Lee has been charged with murdering 19-year-old Preston Perdomo in Muldoon last August.
Jerzy Shedlock
The policy applies to tobacco and e-cigarettes, and means smokers can only light up within certain areas outside the fair fence. Alaska NewsZaz Hollander
Crews on Thursday afternoon had fully contained the Sunrise fire in the Meadow Lakes area, after it quickly burned through 30 acres beginning Wednesday afternoon.Mat-SuAlaska Dispatch News
A food packaging company in Washington state has expanded a voluntary recall -- which at one time included just 11 products -- to encompass nearly 360 different organic and non-organic frozen fruits and vegetables that may be contaminated with the deadly Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.Nation-WorldKatie Mettler | The Washington Post
On Sunday evening, a pair of eagles fell into Dan Cole's front yard in Homer.WildlifeLaurel Andrews

News & Politics

Ousted mayor confirmed as one of seven candidates in North Slope race

The North Slope Borough clerk’s office confirmed Wednesday that former Mayor Charlotte Brower is eligible to run again for the same seat voters recently removed her from and will join six other candidates, including former borough Mayor George Ahmaogak. Alex DeMarban

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How to save Alaska's failing health insurance market

Extreme medical bills from about 4 percent of the customers in the individual market and tens of millions in losses by the insurance companies have led to a crisis in Alaska. Dermot Cole


Couch potato or outdoor recreation? Motivation is the arbiter.

The worst part about getting out of a bad couch potato cycle is that first part — just getting out. After that, small successes build upon one another. New experiences seem worth every effort. Usually, even if something goes wrong, there’s a payout to having put in the effort.Alli Harvey


Ice extent still well below normal in Arctic

Arctic sea-ice extent in April was probably at a record low for the month, continuing this year’s trend of record or near-record lows, the National Snow and Ice Data Center said on Tuesday.Yereth Rosen


We Alaskans

Why home schooling works in Alaska

More than 11,000 Alaska children, some 9 percent of the school-age population, are signed up with one of the state's 30 official home-school programs. That's a minimum number, not counting the families who home-school independently.Erin McKittrick

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