Unseasonably early snow -- even for Anchorage, Alaska -- has locals flinging photos across the Internet, cussing mad and spitting venom with equal measure at local weather forecasters and William Seward, the statesman credited with America's fixation on the Last Frontier.

Much of the new snow had melted by early morning and an autumn sun shined on Alaska's largest city mid-day, Saturday. The National Weather Forecast had previously forecasted a "wintry mix" of near-freezing temperatures, rain and wind. No one expected snow to accumulate, which it did, even if for a few brief hours.

At one point Saturday morning, Alaska meteorologists forecasted as much as 3 inches of snow to fall in the Turnagain Arm zone, just south of Anchorage, which includes Bird Point. By mid-afternoon the forecast had been updated with no signs of snow accumulation on the NWS website.

Here's the expected weather forecast for major Alaska populations over the weekend:





**Just kidding. Rain showers all weekend, with high temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s. Shifting winds less than 15 mph.