Been hankering for that little extra Alaska reality TV fix? Well, fret no more, because the Discovery Channel has announced that "Flying Wild Alaska" -- the show about bush pilots working for Era Alaska -- is returning for a third season on June 8. It marks less than six months since season two concluded, with Ariel Tweto completing her first solo flight.

The show follows Ariel and the rest of the Tweto family, including sister Ayla, mother Ferno and father Jim -- who is Chief Operating Officer for Era Alaska -- along with numerous pilots working for the airline.

According to a press release from the Discovery Channel, the new season will cover a lot of ground. Some highlights:

Based on the season 3 trailer, it's going to be a bit of a disconnect between the weather of the summer months and the time the show was filmed, as Alaska endured one of its coldest, snowiest winters on record. You can check out the trailer below.