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As Alaska Dispatch continues to experience tremendous success with award-winning journalism, loyal readership, and revolutionary online advertising, we are proud to announce the launch of a new and innovative system for placing and publishing Legal Advertisements and Public Notices. In an effort to serve Alaskans more effectively, Alaska Dispatch’s system for public notice placements aims to provide government agencies with a convenient publication outlet that is cost-effective with the goal of better serving and informing Alaskans. Individual users are provided secured access to Alaska Dispatch and the capability to directly create public notice ads for publication. Publishing directly to the site allows users to efficiently and inexpensively inform Alaskans, as well as fulfill publication requirements. The system incorporates such ad placements concerning Request for Proposals, Request for Bids, Grants, Agency Meetings, and all other legal notice announcements.

Give it a try now. Contact or call 907-743-0744.