What's the Alaska Newsreader?

Welcome to the Alaska Newsreader. We launched it in the spring of 2007 with a simple idea: To give you a quick-read summary of what's news in and for Alaska - not just in the ADN but from every source we can find, whether it's the Nome Nugget or The New York Times.

The goal is to post links throughout the week. You can sign up for an occasional e-mail that summarizes what's there. Newsreader is also available by RSS feed.

How's this different from a news aggregator like Google News? Here's the big one: It's not being produced by a robot. There's a live Alaskan sifting through a pile of Alaska news every day, so you don't have to.

Our hope is that this will be interactive - that it's not just us giving you what we're finding but also you passing along what you think is interesting and that other readers might want to see.

How does it fit in with the rest of adn.com? We won't rehash everything found elsewhere on the site or in the paper, but that doesn't mean we won't mention ADN stories from time to time. It'll tend to have more a statewide focus and be less Anchorage-centric than the main paper.

We want to hear from you. We want you sending links to interesting blog entries, videos, anything out there you think more people need to see or would get a kick out of seeing. We're always happy to hear feedback about the site. What's useful to you? How can we improve it?

Thanks for stopping by.

E-mail us at newsreader@adn.com