Excerpt of confrontation between trooper Jesse Osborn and Casey Porter in January 2003

The exchange between Casey Porter and trooper Arthur Jesse Osborn at a pullout off the Sterling Highway turned deadly in less than a minute. Here is an excerpt from a transcript of the tape recording Osborn made of the encounter. The recorded dialogue began about 20 seconds after Porter began to drive away. Trooper Joe Whittom was standing just outside of his patrol car nearby.

Osborn: Get out of the car, now! Get out of the car.

Porter: What's wrong, sir?

Whittom: (Indiscernible)

Osborn: Get out of the car.

Whittom: Throw up your hands, get in your veh- get out of your vehicle!

Porter: OK. No, no problem. I'll back up.

Osborn: No, you won't back up, you will get out of the car now.

Whittom: No! Get out, now!

Osborn: Do you understand me?

Whittom: (Indiscernible)

Porter: Yes, sir.

Osborn: You will get out of that car - show me your hands! Open the door, close, now!

Whittom: (To troopers dispatch) Soldotna, 1-E-20 (his trooper ID code), we got him stopped.

Osborn: (To Whittom) Get that Taser out. (To Porter) Open the door now.

Whittom: Turn off your vehicle!

Porter: What's wrong, sir? I was just parked.

Osborn: OK, open the door now.

(Two seconds later, there's the sound of pepper spray.)

Porter: Ahhh. I didn't do nothing!

Osborn: Tell him he's been sprayed. Get out!

(Five shots fired.)

Osborn: Shots, shots fired. Soldotna, 1-E-16 (his trooper ID code), shots fired. We're 10-60 (OK). Get medics 10-19 (to the scene). You OK, Whittom?

Whittom: Yeah.

Osborn: He was headed straight for you.

Whittom: (To dispatch) Soldotna, 1-E-20 ...

Osborn: 10-4, suspect. (Pause) It's the Kenai Keys pullout. I can see his hands. I believe he's 79 (dead). I can't see his, I can see his right hand. Are you OK, did your car hit you?

Whittom: No, he hit my car.


Osborn: God, I thought he was gonna kill you. He doesn't-- he's not wearing any pants.

Whittom: Yeah.

Osborn: Looks like there's a marijuana pipe in the front. OK. It doesn't look like he has any weapons, let's get him out of there. I couldn't open the door, I tried. (Pause) OK, I'm gonna holster my weapon, keep him covered. (Pause) You sure you're OK?

Whittom: Yeah, I'm OK. It's ...

Osborn: God, I saw him hit that car.

Whittom: (Indiscernible) the vehicle bumped me a little bit and kinda ...

Osborn: I saw him hit the gas and he was headed straight for you aiming with his steering wheel. (Pause) I'm gonna check pulse. I'm gonna handcuff him first, he was still clenching his fists a second ago. (Pause) All-right, that glove's not working.

(Radio traffic in background)

Osborn: Just cover him. He's still moving, I think that's just a reaction however. I'm gonna get in the passenger's side, cuff him. (Pause) It's locked. I'm gonna break it out with my baton. (Sound of baton breaking passenger side front window) 10-4, we're 10-60 (OK), I believe the subject's 10-79 (dead). (Pause) 10-4 and we are 10-60. Just cover him from the rear. (Pause; sound of radio traffic in background) OK. Time is 0216. Suspect isn't wearing any pants. No me- no vehicles have been moved since point of impact when Trooper Whittom's vehicle was struck. Trooper Whittom was on the other side of his vehicle, the side that had moved towards, instruct the suspect to stop and not move his vehicle. He immediately hit the gas, grasping the steering wheel with both hands, aiming for Trooper Whittom with his headlights on. I fired on the suspect. He's believed to be deceased at this point. He's been restrained. We don't see any weapons right in the vehicle immediately. Looks like some pornographic material. Suspect's not wearing any shoes. Looks like he's got a cane. I, I believe I know who this is. He was a suspect. I, I believe he's 10-99 (wanted). I'm gonna make a phone call, be off record.