'Troopergate' unlikely to be legislative priority this session

Sean Cockerham | Tribune Media Services

Don't expect much action on "Troopergate" this legislative session in the Senate.

Members of the Senate bipartisan majority made that clear this week as the Legislature gaveled in for its 90-day session. Senate President Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak, signaled the feeling in the majority is to move on from it.

"I think what I'm not hearing from this caucus is a consensus of moving ahead with any further investigation. ...We received a report. We made that report open to the public. So I think in terms of that issue, that's closed. We've taken care of that and in my opinion we now need to move ahead on the bigger issues of the state, working with the governor," he said.

What about Anchorage Democratic Sen. Hollis French, who oversaw the investigation conducted by retired state prosecutor Steve Branchflower?

"My sense is that there's not a lot of will to pursue more, inasmuch as you're referring to the finding that Mr. Branchflower made, that the governor had abused her power," French said. "There is some discussion as to what to do about the subpoenas that were ignored and that's something that we're still hashing out amongst ourselves."

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