Redoubt Volcano may be settling down

Alaska Public Radio Network: Redoubt's last explosive eruption was more than 12 weeks ago, and scientists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory say they're starting to see signs the mountain may be settling down. But the aviation alert level is still at code orange and the observatory staff continues around-the-clock monitoring. Since the last eruption April 4, Redoubt has been oozing magma and releasing steam. The lava dome has grown huge, to the size of 17 Louisiana Superdomes. "The last couple of months at Redoubt, we have been building a mountain," says a scientist. The rate of dome growth has slowed, but still, it's unstable and could fail at any time, which would cause another explosion and associated hazards, such as Drift River flooding.

Redoubt's activity uncertain for now (Peninsula Clarion)