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Police seeking three in suspicious death

Kyle Hopkins

Anchorage police were looking for three potential witnesses late Saturday in connection with the suspicious shooting death of a man in a South Anchorage apartment.

Police said they were searching for Ariel Sizemore, 19, Sineti Delara, 29, and a man identified only as "Jeremy." The trio may be in a green SUV that witnesses saw leaving the scene just after the shooting, police say.

A man's body was found in an eight-plex at 3640 W. Dimond Blvd. at about 8:30 a.m., moments after a neighbor said she heard a commotion inside the apartment.

"I heard the knock on the door and then I heard the door open," said Myra Rebisch, who lives in an adjacent, ground-floor apartment. "The individual, whoever it was, came in, and that's when all the fighting and everything started."

At one point, it sounded as if something banged against the wall, she said.

"A lot of yelling, screaming and just some violent-type behavior going on," Rebisch said. "It lasted for two minutes or so, and then all of a sudden, everything got quiet."

David Kilfoyle, who lives upstairs, said he woke up to hear a "pop," followed by two or three people talking in panicked tones. "Basically, they sounded scared," he said.

Rebisch looked outside to see a vehicle -- she described it as a white SUV -- speeding away. She looked again and there was a man outside.

He lay in the snow, crying hysterically, she said.

Another neighbor called 911 and told police the man was yelling about someone being shot, said Lt. Dave Parker, a police spokesman.

Police remained at the scene all day and released few details about the case, including whether they are considering it a homicide.

"You've either got a homicide or justifiable homicide, or a suicide. But of those three, we don't know yet," Parker said.

A married couple -- Roy and Marilee Kawamoto -- live in the apartment, said Renae Dewberry, who works as a customer service representative for the property.

The couple moved in about a year ago, she said. "I don't even know if the wife is in the country. The last I heard she was in the Philippines with family."

Dewberry last talked to Roy Kawamoto on Friday about rent. He sometimes drives a white Ford Explorer that police found parked at an angle after the shooting, a few yards away from the apartment.

Police have not identified the man who was killed. The man who was yelling outside the apartment was taken to police headquarters, along with neighbors, to be interviewed, Parker said.

Neighbors who have lived in the collection of tan apartments say they haven't seen a police car on the property -- except maybe for medical emergencies -- for years.

The apartments sit next door to a police training center. Dewberry said they're among the most peaceful properties she oversees in Anchorage.

Still, Rebisch heard two men yelling in the apartment where the body was found at about 3 a.m. one morning roughly two weeks ago, she said.

Parker said the three people police are looking for are possible witnesses, not suspects. Police are asking anyone who has seen them to call 786-8900.

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