Reaction mixed on Pebble opposition

SOUTHWEST ALASKA -- More Bristol Bay organizations are reacting this week to their regional Native corporations' decision to oppose development of the region's massive copper and gold Pebble prospect.

Nunamta Aulukestai, a group governed by the presidents of eight Native village corporations in the region, issued a statement on Wednesday night praising Bristol Bay Native Corp.'s position against Pebble.

Before the BBNC's board decision last Friday, the regional corporation was neutral on the proposed mine.

Five other Native corporations issued statements opposing the BBNC decision this week. Several of those corporations own land near the Pebble prospect and have done contract work for the mining companies studying it.

Additional village corporations and village councils are planning to weigh in too. One village council president said his village has never taken a position on Pebble before but will take up a resolution on the proposed mine at its next meeting.

"I was kind of hoping for BBNC to go on record," said John Nelson, president of the Kokhanok village council. He said he was pleased with the corporation's decision.

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