2009 saw a parade of colorful politicos

Dan Fagan

The end of the year has come to an end and I don't know about you but for me it went by lightning fast.

2009 was a fascinating year for Alaskans and our country so let's look back at some of the major players and see how they did.

Barack Obama: Proved he is a man of convictions and not a poll watcher. You have to admire him for that. Problem is Mr. Obama seems to lean toward socialism and bigger government at the cost of personal individual liberty and freedom. He'll have a tough time ahead pushing an agenda most Americans oppose.

Mark Begich: Campaigned on a promise to stand up to his party and in particular Senate Democrats. Oops! Was caught red-handed deceiving the assembly about the state of the city's finances as mayor to push through expensive labor contracts for his union boss supporters. No worry, Mr. Begich, media has your back.

Sarah Palin: Who says quitters never win and winners never quit. Palin will play a big and possibility pivotal role in Republicans' fight to take back Congress by campaigning and raising money for candidates.

Sean Parnell: Formally dubbed "Captain Zero" now resurrected as "Mr. Don't Make Any Waves", Parnell is carrying the torch for Palin's high tax, anti free-market, closed for business policies. At least he has maintained the favor of the media by doing so.

Ralph Samuels: You could call him "Captain Courageous" for taking on Palin before taking on Palin was cool. Now Ralphy boy wants to be your next governor. The business community says go, Ralphy, go!

Dan Sullivan: You haven't seen it reported anywhere but for the first time in 25 years the city of Anchorage will spend less this year than it had in the previous year. Like Mr. Obama, Mr. Sullivan is a man of his convictions.

Matt Claman: Worst mayor ever. Was only in office a few short months and yet managed to divide the city with the gay ordinance. Also went gallivanting across the country to three, count them, three mayoral conferences. Has zero chance of beating Ernie Hall in re-election bid.

Ted Stevens: Alaskans' hearts were broken with his convictions and then relieved when we learned the prosecutors didn't play by the rules. If Mr. Stevens were not the victim of prosecutor misconduct, Obama Care would have died. Now it lives and so does the trillion dollar bill that goes with it.

Lisa Murkowski: Drops the "Liberal Lisa" label and goes along with Republican leadership. Has she had a change of heart or she going along to get along? Conservatives say who cares, keep up the good fight, Lisa!

Andrew Halcro: Smartest guy in the room moves from chief Palin critic to Don Young challenger. He's smarter than Young, but is he more likeable? In 2010 voters will have final say.

Lesil McGuire: Refuses to turn off cell phone and demands more wine on an Alaska Airlines flight out of Juneau. Is briefly detained at Anchorage airport and questioned over incident. Says flight attendant had it out for her. In light of recent developments involving airport security, Ms. McGuire may want to consider taking the bus in 2010.

Alaska Legislators and their libido: It's hard to keep track with who's sleeping with whom. Maybe they should focus a little less on Viagra and raw oysters and instead work on taking down the "closed for business" sign hanging on the door of our state.

Levi Johnston: Proves young and stupid is not just a saying. Makes outrageous claims about his almost mother-in-law and then drops his pants to prove he's credible.

Steve MacDonald: Fired and then re-hired, leaving Channel 2 GM with egg on her face. Now he's invincible. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Mike Porcaro: Long time radio talk show host inducted into the Alaska Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Porcaro deserves the award after displaying a lifetime of civility, thoughtfulness, and great insight on the air.

Dan Fagan: Promises to focus on policy and not the personal. Finds it difficult. Promises to keep trying.

Dan Fagan Sr.: Passes away after leaving a legacy of kindness, decency, and hope. I will miss you, Dad. The world is a colder place without you.

Dan Fagan hosts a talk show on AM750, KFQD. You can reach him at faganreport@me.com.