Palin's private e-mails show then-governor discussing state business

Link: Alaska Dispatch They're not identifying their source, but Dispatch has obtained copies of e-mails sent early in Sarah Palin's administration on the governor's private Yahoo account. Palin addresses state matters in the e-mails but believes she can be more frank in her opinions than she could through the state e-mail system. The e-mails show the newly elected Palin was eager to bring change to Juneau but was confronting a "reluctant bureaucracy." "Replacing a few key players at the local level in Wasilla can produce a lot of change quickly," writes Dispatch correspondent Craig Medred. "It doesn't work that way at the state level, however, and copies of e-mails Palin sent key political advisers, subordinates and friends early in her administration show a quickly developing frustration with this new reality." Eleven PDF pages of Palin e-mails are posted here. An introduction to the Dispatch report, published Monday, shows Alaska legislators still wrestling with whether to ban discussion of state business on private e-mail accounts, even as Gov. Sean Parnell has ordered state workers to copy e-mails about state affairs sent from private accounts to the state e-mail system. Meanwhile, official release of the Yahoo e-mails dealing with state business is being sought in court by activist Andree McLeod.