Assembly OKs 4 bond proposals

Rosemary Shinohara

Four bond propositions totaling less than $40 million will come before Anchorage voters in the April 6 municipal election. That's a significant drop from usual as the Anchorage Assembly and city administration tempered their requests due to worries about the still-weak economy.

The Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday approved these bond propositions:

• Road construction, $37.1 million, in the usual range.

• Anchorage Fire Department improvements, $1.2 million.

• Ambulance for the Sand Lake area, $250,000.

• Public transit, $932,000.

Last year, in the thick of the recession, the April city election ballot included $141 million worth of proposed projects, and voters turned down three-fourths of the debt. The money they approved was mostly for road improvements. Two school bonds failed.

This year the school district decided not to propose any new school bonds.

Superintendent Carol Comeau said late last year that she felt there was still "so much negativity" after last year's failure that 2010 would be a good year to skip.