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March 27, 1964: Memories of the great Alaska quake

Motivated by the recent gargantuan earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, Anchorage blogger Michelle Mitton decided it was time to record her parents' memories of the 1964 Alaska earthquake, still the third largest ever documented. She has posted the 30-minute podcast on her blog, Scribbit: Motherhood in Alaska. Continued on jump

My mother and father were both 16 years old in 1964. They were ... going to West Anchorage High School and had just met and begun to date. ...

My mother, whose father was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Bas, was sitting at the kitchen table finishing up some homework when she felt the shake start. My father was at home with his family.

They recall riding through the long quake -- and being left with a feeling resembling vertigo -- and coping in the aftermath.