Entire Nome school board may face recall vote


The Nome school board's Jan. 12 decision not to renew the contracts of a principal and assistant principal has deeply divided the community and appears to be heading toward a springtime recall vote for the entire five-member board, reports the Nome Nugget. Continued on jump

Backers of the four petitions to recall board members Gloria Karmun, Kirsten Timbers, Albert McComas and Heather Payenna were in the process of notarizing their pages of signatures March 9 with the goal of turning them into the city that afternoon or on March 10.

Supporters of a second effort to recall the remaining board member, Barb Nickels, reported Tuesday that they too were expecting to have their signatures into City Hall on March 10.

The board had voted in a split decision -- for reasons that have not been made public -- not to renew the contracts of Nome-Beltz Junior/Senior High School Principal Janeen Sullivan and Assistant Principal Doug Boyer.

The school board has stood firm and tight-lipped on the decision. Board member Nickels has continually voiced her support of the administrators and her opposition to the Jan. 12 vote.