Palin, Beck to Alaska 'fringe': Please, no violence

Michigan Militia founder Norm Olson, left, and master of ceremonies Bob Bird, both of Nikiski, at last week's Second Amendment/Constitutional Task Force rally in Kenai. Jenny Neyman / Redoubt Reporter

Fox News host Glenn Beck got wind of last week's Kenai meeting of the Second Amendment/Constitutional Task Force, at which at least two speakers called for armed militias to be ready to resist "tyranny" by the federal government. Beck urged angry "fringe elements" not to resort to arms, then called up Fox commentator Sarah Palin, who expressed similar sentiments -- though she said she was sympathetic to the protesters' concerns. Continued on jump

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"We have to decide who we are," Beck said. "... There are fringe elements that are trying to rally people for armed resistance in Alaska. Really? ... Guys, I appreciate your passion, I do. Violence is not the answer. If violence breaks out in this country we are ... not these people" -- and he pointed to posters of some of the founding fathers.

The Kenai meeting was attended by about 150 people. Michigan Militia founder Norm Olson, now a Nikiski resident, and Second Amendment Task Force founder Schaeffer Cox told the audience that armed resistance against government will be necessary if politics fails to reign in its power. Check The Redoubt Reporter and the Peninsula Clarion for detailed coverage. Meanwhile, Cox, a 26-year-old carpenter from Fairbanks, was arrested on misdemeanor weapons charges in Fairbanks on Wednesday for failing to tell a police officer questioning him that he was carrying a concealed gun. Cox was wearing a bulletproof vest. Last month, he was charged with felony assault in an alleged attack on his wife. He pleaded guilty March 5 to a reduced charge of misdemeanor reckless endangerment. Watch the latest news video at