FAQ: How to use this page

What’s the most effective way to get Hometown news such as Thank Yous or Good Neighbors items to the ADN?

The Hometown page’s columns - Good Neighbors, Local Folks, Thank You’s and School Roundup - are now online at adn.com/hometown. To let newspaper readers know that they can find these announcements online, we publish one hometown item in the newspaper most days.

Do I have to log on to the site?

Yes, you have to fill out a form to be an active member of adn.com. Note the password you used so you can log on next time.

How do I post a photo online?

Visit this page, and fill out the information. Choose the category that best fits your achievement (community, student, thank you’s, neighbors, military, school). Type, or copy and paste, your information into the form. Include the first and last names of those pictured, left to right, and tell us about the achievement. Then upload the photo. Shortly after, it will show up in our "hometown galleries."

Can I post multiple photos?

Yes, but submit each photo separately. I submitted my photo to adn.com/hometown, but now I can’t find it. Where is it? Photos typically appear online within 24 hours of your submission. The process isn't automatic; a staff member reviews all photos to guard against inappropriate material. Look for your photo under the category you selected when you submitted it.

What if I only want to submit text?

To post text only, visit adn.com/hometown select from the categories listed below "hometown galleries" - community achievers, student achievers, good neighbors, thank yous, military honors, school news - and enter the text into the form. It will appear immediately.

I made a mistake - what do I do?

If you made a mistake when you submitted the notice, you can easily correct it. Just click on "edit" beneath your notice and make the change.

How do I get a photo and/or notice printed in the newspaper?

Because of limited space and staff time, we can no longer routinely publish these announcements in the newspaper. We try to publish one representative Hometown item in the newspaper most days as a reminder to readers that they can find much, much more of this news online.