Johnston bags Resurrection 100

As if the distance alone wasn't difficult enough, runners in the Resurrection Pass Trail 100-Miler over the weekend endured howling winds and driving rain, which pushed them to the edge of hypothermia.

David Johnston survived best, capturing the race from Hope to Cooper Landing and back in 21 hours, 12 minutes.

Laura McDonough, who has twice captured the overall title in the Resurrection 100, finished second overall and won the women's division in 22:29. Former champ Eliseo Marquez claimed third in 25:24 and former UAA swimming coach Ricky Perkins took fourth in his 100-miler debut in 28:26.

Race organizers for the first time had a fire pit going at the turnaround for the 100-miler in Cooper Landing, and race director Pat Munz said that warmth came in handy for the 100-milers, who absorbed the worst of the conditions. The race also includes a 50-miler from Cooper Landing to Hope.

Brian Glaspell won in his debut in the 50-miler in 7:56, topping former 100-miler race champion Jeff Arndt (8:16). Karen Williams won the women's division in 9:42 and finished seventh overall.

The races drew 25 entrants, and all but two finished, though two registered of the six athletes registered in the 100 stopped at 50 miles to become finishers at that distance. The 50-miler included 11 first-time runners at that distance. Overall finishers were split almost equally by gender -- 13 men and 10 women.

2010 Resurrection Pass Trail 100

1) David Johnston 21 hours, 12 minutes; 2) Laura McDonough 22:29 (women's winner); 3) Eliseo Marquez 25:24; 4) Ricky Perkins 28:26.

2010 Resurrection Pass Trail 50

1) Brian Glaspell 7:56; 2) Jeff Arndt 8:16; 3) Jason Walsh 8:22; 4) Jesse Gobeli 8:28; 5) Adam Muhr 8:51; 6) Matt Montavon 9:40; 7) Karen Williams 9:42 (women's winner); 8) Rick Johnson 10:07; 9) Tina Devine 10:07; 10) Janelle Gomez 11:01; 11) Andrea Hambach 11:22; 12) Pete Mitchell 11:33 (dropped down from 100-miler); 13) Anne Williams 11:39; 14) Matt Clark 11:41 (dropped down from 100-miler); 15) Amanda Montavon 11:49; 16) Janet Tune 11:57; 17) Jule Harle-Heim 12:29; 18) Katharine Ellsworth 17:23; 19) Shane Sykes 17:23.

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