Does Sarah Palin have an ax to grind against teachers?

The Hill, Mediaite and others are calling attention to a few seconds of video footage out of Homer in which Sarah Palin, defending herself against a local protester with a giant banner reading "Worst Governor Ever," seems to roll her eyes and says "ohhh" when the woman identifies herself as a teacher (Bristol Palin, jumping to her mom's defense, seems to do the same thing). Otherwise, Palin largely tried to deliver her usual Fox News-style talking points to protester Kathleen Gustafson.

This afternoon, Palin, in a Facebook post, blamed the "lamestream media" for misinterpreting her reaction in the video and pointed out that her father was a schoolteacher.

Palin was on the Homer Spit for a fishing outing being filmed for her upcoming TLC show "Sarah Palin's Alaska." Read more about the encounter courtesy of the anti-Palin, Anchorage-based radio and TV commentator Shannyn Moore. The "teacher moment" comes just after the one-minute mark in the video below, shot by Spit businessman Billy Sullivan, who Moore says helped Gustafson put up her banner.